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Key Information


Find our more detailed VivaMK Information

VivaMK is the ultimate, thriving, trending new Home Shopping Opportunity, based and founded in the UK.

 You can build a business in your own time at your own speed, around family or day job.

VivaMK is a people business, in which you meet people, make new friends and grow as a person.


Our business stands for 

Growth - Spirit - Partnership and Fun - Great People - Success

 Enjoy living your life and make your dreams come true, because dreams can come true, make them happen.


How does it work?

The work is simple. The distributor can choose between the work of  distributing the catalogues or working online.


Distributing catalogues: The distributor delivers and collects the catalogues 1 or 3 days later in their local area. The new starter will get shown our retail system. See the image below.


Online: The new starter can use Social Media networks to gain orders, work with their own e-commerce webshop or use another third party online selling site.


How much can you earn as Distributor

Every distributor earns a 25% commission on every order they submit or receive through their own VivaMK e-commerce shop.

An additional 10% bonus (that's on top of the 25%) can be achieved too. This depends on the distibutors 4 weeks working business turnover.

The commission is earned as soon the distributor has signed in and has submitted their order using the distributor ordering site.

Any commissioned earned from their e-commerce webhsop will be paid after the working period has finished. 

Any other achieved bonuses will be paid after the working period has finished.

Our Services

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